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               My name is Keith Richner aka Lil Scooby, I’m also known as YB, and Midget.I was born on April 12th, 1996 in Buffalo, MN.  I have been writing music for around three yearsAnd started writing in the 6th Grade.  I have always been surrounded by music in my life.I was always wondering. Hmmm. That could be me. You know what I’m saying.Out of all the Genre of music I was drawn more toward Hip Hop.  My first Hip hop song that I ever wrote was entitled “GIVE IT UP” which was inspired by life and all the feeling that goes with it. 

                Not many people know this about me, not even most of my closest friends, but I’m also a Graffiti artist.I have been tagging for only four months, but I think I got what it takes on a different level. I have something planned for hip hop. I am working on a whole new way of looking at hip hop.I am creating a whole new Genre titled Street Graffiti which is a combination of Pop, Rock, hip hop, Reggae, club, and rap music. My main goal is to attempt a style that is modern but classic at the same time.“You know that type of music that’s so good you can’t turn it off.” Yeah, that’s it.

                Now for some advise. If you are a young artist of any kind, do not rush success, let success run you.You don’t have to become famous overnight.  Let the people get to know you first.My advice is never quit, keep pushing strong, and don’t listen to anybody trying to stop you.You know they say you’re not good enough, your sounds whack, you don’t look the part, you’re not as good as you think you are. NO!!! you are good enough, your great enough. Just keep believing and one day you will reach that goal.

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